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Website customization, professional build

Beyond the era of design, stylish and outstanding customization

Crafted, unique and creative

We are obsessed with design only to pursue the perfect fusion of art and technology

Technology School, On Development
Helping corporate branding improve corporate efficiency
Look at the service, we are good at it
Customer satisfaction is the driving force of our progress. Professional service is our constant pursuit.
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Zhejiang Fenggu Habitat

Website design
Zhejiang Fenggu Habitat
Shijiazhuang website production, Shijiazhuang website construction, Shijiazhuang website

Deheheng Law Offices

Website design
Deheheng Law Offices
Shijiazhuang website production, Shijiazhuang website construction, Shijiazhuang website


Website design
Shijiazhuang website production, Shijiazhuang website construction, Shijiazhuang website

They have long-term cooperation with Baicheng
Different media, equally exciting
  • Responsive mobile website construction
  • Responsive tablet website construction
  • Responsive PC Website Construction

Comprehensive solutions to create seamless marketing for PC and handheld communication

  • Web design compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Website design compatible with Google Chrome
  • Web design compatible with Firefox browser
  • Website design compatible with Apple Safari browser

Html5 + CSS3 Responsive layout Excellent browser compatibility Because high-end, so outstanding you have been looking for, we have been on the road

  • Website production across windows platforms
  • Cross ios platform website production
  • Cross andriod platform website production

Intelligent multi-terminal browsing of website data, unified management of website information, synchronous update of interactive design, highlighting website quality

Online consultation
Integrated marketing to seize business opportunities
Good at thinking and diligent

Do not give up the endless pursuit of design, and explore the highest-end design forms and forms.
Avoid trivial rendering and find texture design elements to achieve the desired project effect.
Carefully crafted, then check the authentic! Time and time again, just to accompany you to go further.

Less routine, more serious.
Baicheng Network

Beginning in 2009, a marketing Internet company focusing on Internet technology services, development and applications. With quality, service, integrity and innovation as its corporate purpose, we provide customers with the best service and work together with customers to enter a new era of online business.

We always adhere to customer demand-oriented, meticulous, and strive for excellence in pursuit of customer satisfaction. Create accurate high-end brand planning services for customers with the most professional vision.

Keep improving, meet everything you need
  • Website planning - comprehensive understanding of customer needs, formulate detailed website construction plan
  • Website Design - Design website renderings according to customer needs
  • Website program - build a website according to the determined design drawing
  • Website Testing - Testing the Program for Errors
  • Website Maintenance -If you have any questions about the website, you can contact us
8 years of high-end website design experience 2000+ corporate users 4000+ boutique website cases Customer renewal rates above 96%
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